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We Do New Media. 

MPact Media Group are film and tv buffs and love all things tech. It just makes sense to make our own digital content informed by our literary heritage and cultural criticism. Watch us apply our smarts!

#1 | FILM


Adding to the Womanist Narrative

We're not interested in being the average story tellers.  How we create characters and how the audience perceives the story will add to the discourse on how women seek wholeness, flexibility, and sustainability.


Our current projects include a documentary on the incidents in the life of natural hair women, urban to rural pathways of representation for African Americans , and a short film inspired by Mr. Nice Guy.

#2 | Teach



Learning new media can be fun and we are willing to share the keys to the Twitterverse, the Blogosphere, Mobile Apps, and all destinations in between.

We have a variety of curriculums for adult learners who want to become tech savvy with earned "cool points" to flex and pop for their friends and colleagues. We'll make it fun with food and company.


Coming soon!

#3 | Foto


Shots & Giggles

From time to time, we'll share photos from love & life and travels.  Maybe we'll be taking shots and maybe we'll make you giggle. 


Shots & Giggles will be a regular feature on the soon-to-be blog.

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